School, And The Laziness Within Me

Ok… So I haven’t made a post in… I don’t know, a month or two. The reason I haven’t is because this isn’t really the highest priority. I have school, my phone, then Xbox, then sleep, then my blog. I’ve had a lot of homework recently and I’ve been texting a lot so I haven’t really had time to get on my blog and look at some of the inappropriate, but funny comments that some of the people left. I(of course) had to take them off, but I still thought they were funny. Anyone who made some of those comments: Thank you. While they were probably not meant to be nice, I still laughed when I saw them. So :p!!! Eat it clowns! I countered your move of disrespect! So… I don’t know what to talk about. Yeah… I’ve had a lot of homework. Um… I’ve been writing poetry(laugh all you want). I haven’t gotten any demerits yet. Keyword being yet. I like making choppy sentences. It’s easy. I don’t even feel like having verbs. Bishop. Ice cream bars.


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