Breaking News: My Childhood Lacking Photos

I’ve always liked looking at pictures of my childhood… Enjoying the memories… Sitting by the fire, thinking of the good old days when I was just born:And the fun times when I was a toddler:And the joys of My first year in grade school:And then middle school:

Wait! Isn’t something missing?!? I mean come on! From 1st grade to 7th?!? There might be a couple of grades missing there… like… I don’t know… maybe… 5! A lot of important things happened within those missing years. Like 3 feet, acne, cool sunglasses, birthdays….. REALLY cool sunglasses (I mean seriously look at those things! pic 4.) Is it too much to ask for maybe one or two pictures of my childhood.

See this: Imagine me on my death-bed, age 86. The doctor says, “I’m sorry but there’s no way he’s going to survive… Any dying wishes you know of?” I say, “Yes… Before I die, I’d like to look at some pictures of the good old days when I was a youngling…” My Son will say, “Sorry pops, your mom never took any pictures…. How bouts’ a popsicle?”

So a word of advice. When you have kids, take plenty of pictures.

Because I don’t want a freaking popsicle

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