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Funny Stuff

I have been told by a certain person (not going to name names) named aaron that i need to put some funny jokes on here…. I believe funny is a very wide spread category, but i’m going to do the best i can to appeal to the largest demographic i possibly can. So i have acquired the joke that i believe would be the funniest to the most people… And without further ado…. i present to you, that joke:

Do you like fishsticks?


Why 2010 is depressing…

I had a new years party with my bro, and one of his friends. We stayed up all night playing MW2 and Guitar Hero. Once it got to about 11:58 we kept the Xbox 360 screen on dashboard waiting for the clock to go to 12:00. We had sparkling grape juice and TONS of those sweet chocolate mint things, for the party. Right when the clock turned to 12:00, my bro’s friend hit the play button on his Ipod, turning on the techno party music that we then dance to for about 20 minutes. I just came to the realization that we have to wait another year to do that again….. Oh, well….