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Bishop Moore

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Alice In Wonderland Review

Alice In Wonderland has been around a long time, so you’ve probably already read it, but i’m going to review it anyway. I have one thing to say to the writer of this book (Lewis Carrol)….. LSD.

It has a nice way of entangling you in its web of twists and turns. Though sometimes you can get lost in the complicated dialog of the characters. The whole book is entertaining, except the end. It’s got a pretty stupid ending. I’m fixing to ruin it if you haven’t read it so look away. In the end she yells at the queen and everything flies at her. Than she wakes up, and her sister goes in. It should’ve ended with her being queen, or whatever. I guess it’s just me being picky. I’ll give it Four out of Five stars.

Creative Gaming

I read allot of stuff about people complaining that glitching screws up video games, and that they’re only good because they cheat. I don’t agree. I think if they want to spend half of their life on their Xbox looking for glitches, than who are we to stop them? And plus i don’t think it’s cheating, i think it’s Creative Gaming. Even i have found glitches on games like COD 5, 4, and Modern Warfare 2. I don’t look for them, but occasionally i will find some on accident. So all you people that hate us glitchers… Well you can stick your little pouty lip out while we’re shooting you from under the map.

COD MW2 Review

I’m going to start reviewing games, books, movies, and stuff like that. My first review is on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I’m going to give this game four and a half stars. The only reason it didn’t get five stars, is because there isn’t very many good sniper rifles. There’s only four to choose from. That’s not to big of a deal though, because i stink at sniping anyways. Here is a list of PROS, and CONS

PROS: Addicting rank and unlock online play, Lots of challenges that keep you unlocking stuff for guns and getting XP, Lots of glitches to be found, fun rank up multiplayer, good maps, cool new kill streaks, throwing knives, great campaign, cool SPEC OPS mode, and exiting moments in the game that have you on the edge of your seat

CONS: They really screwed up martydom, not enough snipers, and the Sentry guns are TERRIBLE

My Manly Dentist

I was at the dentist’s today getting my check up thing, when it occurred to me that my dentist was wearing a very nice necklace. I thought to myself, “That can only mean one thing……. My dentist robs jewelry stores.” That fact led me to think different thoughts. One of them being, “Why is there a large man coming in here like i’m going to let him touch my face?” But it looked to me like i didn’t have much of a choice. So i toughened it up, and prepared for the worst…… And that’s when he cracked his knuckles. After he was done tormenting his fingers he stood up, the rain hitting the window…. piter pater piter pater…. the wind blowing the only tree visible through my cage…. the chair creaking as he stood up…. and grabbed a pair of pink dentist gloves. Now i’m not saying latex gloves aren’t manly. It’s just that they don’t really say, “I’m a big man who cracks his knuckles….” Not only that, but he also kept leaning my chair back to an angle very awkward. Here is a picture of it.Awkward Chair

And it seemed he had all brawn and no brain. I jump to this conclusion because after he was done getting in touch with his feminine side, he asked me to make my tongue touch the top of my mouth. “Okay.” I said. “Now the left side.” He replied, obviously not satisfied with my previous efforts. “Okay.” I say again. “Now the right side.” I did what the Man/Woman said, but my curiosity had been tested. There was one thing i couldn’t leave until i had asked. I spoke up and said, “Are you making sure i know my lefts from rights?” He chuckled (which is a good sign, because it meant he probably wouldn’t eat me) and said, “Ha, ha, ha…. No. I’m just checking your tongue for signs of cancer, or strange growths. I, (being polite) instead of saying, “Your mom has strange growths!” I refrained to simply stating, “oh…” That was probably a good thing, since he was the one with the sharp hook thing. After about ten more minuets of this torture i was enabled to leave my cage in the back of the dentist office. But i would not leave without the most important thing you can ever get from a dentist. A toy. I allowed the dentist to leave and the nurse to come in. She said, “Anything i can help you with?” “Uh….. yeah. Do you think you could get me a toy?” (awkward silence) “Yeah. I guess you can have a toy…. what do you want?” “Just a bracelet” I said. “What color?” Now there was a question. What color….. What color….. i thought to myself, “Why not?” And ┬áthat’s when i replied, “Pink please.”